I’ve just finished your book & I absolutely love it!  Good story, good ending, nicely drawn characters, beautifully written!  Brilliant!  Had me in tears at a couple of bits.  


Lucy Christie


The characters are well-drawn, clearly distinguishable individuals who feel like real people.  The storyline is exciting and gripping, and comes together very well in its different parts.  


Sarah Housden


Just a note to say thank you for giving me the privilege of reading it.  I loved it.  I think your language is engaging and emotion churning; real straight from the heart stuff.  The story is bitter sweet but powerful.  Anyone having experienced the down side to life with mental illness will empathise and anyone without an understanding will learn from reading this story.  I cried in places. The way you describe the mental health services the severity of the treatment, the lack of compassion (and downright unprofessional manner) of the staff is a probing negative portrayal; which could shake a few professionals into examining their attitude and behaviour with clients.  It’s sadly pretty spot on from what I have seen and experienced. Their stories are pretty grim but you leave the reader with a positive feeling to each of the characters.  


Niki McBain


I think it offers a really good insight into the world of mental health issues and peoples’ perspectives of it and I really like how there are different characters with their own stories who are connected to each other.  My Mum has been reading it too and has also found it a compelling read.  


Kimberley Sandford